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The Present and Future of Content Marketing

via Social Media Today

Social Media Today |10.15.12 The era of traditional marketing through product placement, direct advertisements, and promotions may as well be over… Keep Reading

9 Social Media Fun Facts to Shock or Maybe Just Awe

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Social Media Today | 10.15.12 Most Americans still think they need Gym shorts for Foursquare. In fact, while only 3% have claimed to checked in this year, it is even down from the year before. The concept of “checking-in” will probably soon be replaced by “Opting-in” to share location data… Keep Reading  

Cisco releases OpenStack distribution

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  InfoWorld | 10.15.12 Further showing its commitment to the OpenStack project, Cisco has rolled out a free distribution of the open source cloud management platform, which it will package … Keep Reading

Google Launches Credit Cards for Small Businesses


Mashable | 10.8.12 Google will start rolling out credit cards specifically for AdWords to small businesses in the U.K. and offer more credit cards to U.S. small businesses… Keep Reading

Which is better, LinkedIn Recommendations or LinkedIn Endorsements?


Christopher S Penn | 10.1.12 A little over a week ago, LinkedIn debuted Endorsements, which they’re touting as a professional version of the Facebook Like. Connections in your account can endorse you using the skills and expertise section of your profile (which you need to fill out if you haven’t already) or submit their own. But [...]

Big data politics: Why you can’t outrun campaigns by avoiding the TV


GigaOM | 10.8.12 Campaigns have been profiling potential voters for decades, but the glut of data available online changed the game in terms of how much they collect and how it’s used. Now, thanks to complex models and real-time ad platforms, poltiical advertising is becoming a personal affair… Keep Reading

3 Obscure Skills You Need to Succeed in Social Media

Demographics and Psychographics

Social Media Today | 10.8.12 When you understand the underlying principles and skills, then it doesn’t matter what platform you’re using or which new tool is popular.… Keep Reading

Should You Go on Google’s Field Trip?


technology review | 10.4.12 The new app is an ingenious way to learn about what’s around you—and points to a potential gold mine in location-based advertising. An assistant that constantly pesters you with tidbits about your surroundings might sound pretty irritating. But Field Trip, a new smartphone app from Google that does just this, is surprisingly… [...]

LinkedIn Gets Serious About Content, Launches New ‘Follow’ and Blogging Features


WIRED | 10.2.12 LinkedIn isn’t just a way to keep tabs on who’s left what job and where they’re going next. The site is expanding on its mission to be the professional site of record by boosting its content generation efforts…   Keep Reading

Rallying The World’s Citizen Engineers To Do Good


Co.EXIST | 10.4.12 In today’s tech-heavy world, there are few skills more valuable than engineering (in all its forms). And while there are plenty of engineers who would love to spend at least some of their much-desired time working on social good projects, many of them don’t know where to look. Fixing that is the [...]

More Spring Cleaning by Google


Web Business Builder | 10.2.12 Google are either scrapping or merging some of their services as part of their commitment to simplifying their products and services more details in the post… Keep Reading

Oracle finally releases pricing for cloud software offerings


InfoWorld | 10.2.12 Oracle has finally answered a big question hovering over its emerging family of cloud services: What do they cost? While not giving a public price for every one of its cloud products, Oracle’s website now has pricing for its on-demand database and Java development service, as well as for some applications… Keep [...]

Twitter takes a mild beating from Instagram


c|net | 9.27.12 Twitter must feel bereft and be developing an inferiority complex. AllThingsDigital, via an unpublished ComScore report, unveiled that Facebook’s photo-sharing service, Instagram, bested Twitter for August in mobile app daily engagement. According to the report, Instagram averaged 7.3 million daily active users (DAUs) in the U.S. and Twitter a mere 6.87 million. In [...]

Do You Know Your Company’s Break Even Point?

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Killer Startups | 10.1.12 I woke up recently to a wise tweet from an amazing entrepreneur, Norm Brodsky: When you are starting your business, the most important questions are 1. what’s your break even point 2. how will you get there? Great point. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs who can answer this question are few and far between… [...]

Fostering Tech Talent in Schools


The New York Times | 9.30.12 “My teacher said there’s a lot of money to be made in computer science,” Leandre said. “It could be really helpful in the future.” That teacher, Steven Edouard, knows a few things about the subject. When he is not volunteering as a computer science instructor four days a week, [...]

Is AdMob the Next Big Thing for Performance Marketers?


As Google integrated the offering into AdWords, more flexibility and many more targeting options became available that would suggest that it’s at least conceivable marketers can find success within AdMob, even if they’re not promoting a… Keep Reading

IBM Eyes Amazon, Salesforce Cloud Turf


Cloud Computing Journal | 9.29.12 Amazon and Salesforce are getting so popular they’ve started infiltrating top accounts that have historically belonged to IBM. Amazon’s new partnership with the Nasdaq announced the other day is a good for instance. So IBM has decided to fight fire with fire by going after the mid-sized businesses – concerns [...]

No personal data on Google Apps, Norway tells its councils as it clears cloud use

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ZDNet | 9.28.12 Norway’s Data Protection Authority has given the all clear for councils to use Google Apps, so long as they do not use it to communicate private data about the public…. Keep Reading

White Paper: Cisco and Greenplum Partner to Deliver High-Performance Hadoop Reference Configurations


Cisco | January 2012 Greenplum MR, together with the Cisco Unified Computing System provides companies with an integrated Hadoop solution that delivers advanced performance, full data protection, no single point of failure, and improved data access features that can expedite the implementation of big data analytics environments…. Keep Reading

Free storage takes a (small) hit in Google’s latest house-cleaning

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GigaOm | 9.28.12 The more-wood-behind-fewer-arrows Google has announced its latest round of retired products, among them Insights for Search, which has been merged into Google Trends, and Google News Badges. Additionally, storage accounts… Keep Reading

Could ePatient Networks Become the Superdoctors of the Future?


Co.EXIST | 9.29.12 There’s something seriously wrong with a health care system that makes patients wait a month or more just to get a doctor’s appointment. Fed up with this information bottleneck all too common in the U.S., a new breed of “ePatients” is crowdsourcing treatm… Keep Reading

10 Inspiring Social Networks for Writers


Mashable | 1.23.12 These 10 social networks can help you receive valuable feedback, gain exposure for your own work, brainstorm ideas and evolve as a writer. (Networking is important as a writer. How many of these networks do you use? Keep Reading

‘Smart City’ Planning Needs the Right Balance


Wall Street Journal | 9.26.12 In the pantheon of Next Big Thing trends, the concept of “smart cities” is one of the trendiest. The idea is that by harvesting the incredible amount of data “exhaust” that every one of us generates as we traverse a city, planners can optimize services in the city to make [...]

Do You Fake-Like Me? How the Facebook Fake Likes May be Hurting Your Client

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socialmediatoday | 9.27.12 Does your company have thousands of likes? Did you earn those likes? Is your company one of the few that Facebook is cracking down on? In recent reports, Facebook announced to TechCrunch that they were cracking the proverbial whip on Facebook brand pages that were unnaturally stacking up the likes on their brand [...]

Stuck in the Mire Getting Java Apps to the Cloud?


Cloud Computing Journal | 9.28.12 Java players Azul and CumuLogic have teamed up to create what they say is the first integrated, truly elastic PaaS-enablement platform by combining CumuLogic’s Java-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) with Azul’s memory-elastic Zing runtime (i.e., Java Virtual Machine).  The move is supposed to make life more worth living for Java developers… Keep [...]